Never Shave Again

Why do I shave my legs?

Well, that’s a good question.  I have since I was 12 years old, when the peer pressure was so great (or maybe I was just so anxious to do “lady things”) that I rode my bike to the London Drugs near our house and bought a lady shaver and a can of shaving foam.  I then went to town in my bathroom, emerging an hour later with bits of toilet paper stuck to the many cuts around my knees and ankles, wearing a triumphant smile on my face.  That glorious day has been followed by years of unglorious agony battling the natural body hair that insists on growing in places it is socially unnacceptable to grow.  Now that bathing suit season is approaching yet again, it’s time to develop a plan of attack!

Until recently, I wasn’t sure where any of this mandatory shaving/waxing/tweezing/threading business started, so I decided to Google it.  It seems that around 1915, because of a fashion spread in Harpers Bazaar, sleeveless styles became chic for women, making armpit hair visible to all.  Advertisers of the new armless clothing encouraged women to get rid of unsightly hair and *surprise!* began to market razors to women.  This trend was followed by higher hemlines, making the next logical step to get rid of “unladylike” leg hair.  So although the ancient Greeks, Indians, and Egyptians did use different methods to get rid of unwanted body hair, the practice was not popularized in Western culture until much more recently, by American marketing geniuses.

I feel better knowing why I do what I do and really have no desire to grow my leg hair even in light of finding out that womankind has been tricked into shaving.  The good news is, we’re not alone.  Men are a growing market for hair removal, both at the salon and at home.  I say this is a good thing!

Sugaring has actually been popular all over Canada for years, but is fairly new to MB.  Body Sugar is made of sugar, honey and lemon juice (yes, I ate some – delicious!). It is biodegradable, has no harsh odour and doesn’t leave a weird film or feeling on your skin.  Sugaring is the perfect solution for men or women who want a spa experience to get rid of that unsightly bikini zone, leg, armpit, eyebrow or arm hair, while also being kind to our environment.  LA Sugaring Winnipeg is run by owner Illa Harper, who has been sugaring clients for over 19 years.  Illa explains how safe and hygienic the process is.  The sugar used on you is only used on you and it is pulled in the direction of hair growth so you don’t get those pesky ingrowns or rashes.  All in all, it’s a hair removal option we can feel really good about trying.
For all of you who prefer to turn your noses up at Harpers Bazaar and keep your leg and bikini hair intact, I say: good for you!  Say “yes” to pants this summer!  🙂  For those who want to flaunt your hairless legs, LA Sugaring Winnipeg wants to meet you!

About Illa

Illa has been offering body sugaring services for 18 years. She specializes in female Brazilian sugaring and male Brazilian sugaring.

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