Hair today… Gone tomorrow!

Tangled overgrowth is great for rough backwoodsmen who need to stay warm through the winter, but not so great for that poor drain in your shower. Luckily, the fine folks at LA Sugaring have the skills and the equipment to take on even the thickest follicular forest, and will make sure you stay streamlined and hairless all year round.

About Illa

Illa has been offering body sugaring services for 18 years. She specializes in female Brazilian sugaring and male Brazilian sugaring.


  1. Ok ….ok… Fantastic..been sugaring for about 5yrs, was told about L.A. Sugaring by my new boyfriend, went in came out less then 15 mins…my other place was like 45 min…WOW…an the VIP card what deal..payed 65.00 before,what a bargain .. Thanks Alicia your grrrrrrreat…

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