Food for thought…… The difference between waxing and sugaring.

Most people wonder what’s the difference? Aren’t waxing and sugaring the same? The only similarity is they both remove hair.

Let’s talk about wax…
Waxing has been around forever, but did you know that it cross contaminates and promotes bacteria? Most waxing shops will turn the heat up to max when closing for the day thinking that is going to kill the bacteria in the waxing pot overnight THAT IS NOT TRUE!! In fact the heat should be 400F to even start killing the bacteria. That is why the first client of the day normally gets burnt from the wax being too hot…OUCH!!!!!!

The next time you get waxed watch to see how many times they dip the stick into the wax for your treatment. Then think how many times they are doing the same with that very same wax, with different clients throughout the day. I sure would not want to have every BODY, on my lip considering the body parts that do get done. YUCK!!!!!!!

Let’s talk about Sugaring…
Sugaring does NOT promote cross contamination or infection because there is no double-dipping, body sugaring is very hygienic. We use gloves and our hands. We dip into the sugar pot ONCE and can do your entire body with that handful of sugar! The sugar is only heated to near body temperature so you will not be burned even if you are our first client of the day. Unlike wax the sugar we use is all natural. It is made with sugar, water and lemon juice. This makes it very gentle for our clients’ skin, it also minimizes the redness, and we can go over the area repeatedly unlike waxing. If there is any sugar left behind all it takes is a warm damp cloth to remove. Waxing on the other hand you need solvents to remove. Only Proper technique is used here at L.A. Sugaring, which makes your visit a more pleasant experience, you also will be able to see what a difference between the both. Even with your first visit your hair will amaze you!!!! OR your hairless will amaze you.

Well I hope that the information I have given you will make you think twice before your next waxing appointment.. see you all soon!!!!!

About Illa

Illa has been offering body sugaring services for 18 years. She specializes in female Brazilian sugaring and male Brazilian sugaring.


  1. Wow Good to know i have been waxing for a least 10 yrs on an off, I am going to try sugaring to see for my self the difference,I am looking for a new way an I have heard great things regarding Body Sugaring, SO off I go, we will see.

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