The truth about laser hair removal

We have all been told or heard somewhere that laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair removal. Only takes a few appointments and your hair free! Our client Michelle, went for laser hair removal for 1 year (12 visits) @ $150 per visit. After a full year of lasering, you would think no more hair! Unfortunately that was not the case in Michelle’s experience. After a full year of treatments her hair still grows in thick and black like nothing was done to the area! We here at L.A. Sugaring did a bit of research ourselves.

We learned that they say you need a minimum of 7 appointments before the hair is permanently gone (must shave area before each appointment) and you usually have to wait 3-8 weeks between treatments. Sounds great! 7 treatments and your hair free!! However the risks and recovery definitely out weight the rewards (if you get them)

There is a chance of burning if the laser isn’t set right or if the technician isn’t fully trained.
Even if the Technician is fully trained there are still risks of burning of the skin, discoloration, purpura or even infection!! I’m sorry but if I want my hair removed (which is painful enough) I really don’t want to run the risks of my legs or any other part of my body looking worse without hair than with hair!!
After the procedure you will be given ice-packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions or cold water to ease the discomfort. Can you say OUCH?!?! AND up to 2 days after the procedure, the treated area will feel like it’s sunburnt. It takes a month for the hair to fall out, and you must wear sunscreen to help prevent changes in the color of hair being treated. Other potential side effects, swelling, redness and scarring.

Now let’s compare lasering with sugaring…. With Sugaring, out of all those side effects, you may see redness or hiving. No risk of infection, no feeling like you are sunburnt AND as long as you are regular with sugaring the hair will STOP GROWING. You may need some maintenance, however you will significantly notice less hair growing back! When you are sugaring, you don’t have to do anything to prepare for your appointment…. We would prefer the only thing you do to the area in between appointments is Exfoliate! One appointment a month, and with the VIP card up to 50% savings (you could potentially get 7 Brazilians for the price of 1 Laser appointment)…. Sign me up!!!

So before you decide to go and spend lots of time and money on lasering, give us a call. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have about sugaring!!

Food for thought…… The difference between waxing and sugaring.

Most people wonder what’s the difference? Aren’t waxing and sugaring the same? The only similarity is they both remove hair.

Let’s talk about wax…
Waxing has been around forever, but did you know that it cross contaminates and promotes bacteria? Most waxing shops will turn the heat up to max when closing for the day thinking that is going to kill the bacteria in the waxing pot overnight THAT IS NOT TRUE!! In fact the heat should be 400F to even start killing the bacteria. That is why the first client of the day normally gets burnt from the wax being too hot…OUCH!!!!!!

The next time you get waxed watch to see how many times they dip the stick into the wax for your treatment. Then think how many times they are doing the same with that very same wax, with different clients throughout the day. I sure would not want to have every BODY, on my lip considering the body parts that do get done. YUCK!!!!!!!

Let’s talk about Sugaring…
Sugaring does NOT promote cross contamination or infection because there is no double-dipping, body sugaring is very hygienic. We use gloves and our hands. We dip into the sugar pot ONCE and can do your entire body with that handful of sugar! The sugar is only heated to near body temperature so you will not be burned even if you are our first client of the day. Unlike wax the sugar we use is all natural. It is made with sugar, water and lemon juice. This makes it very gentle for our clients’ skin, it also minimizes the redness, and we can go over the area repeatedly unlike waxing. If there is any sugar left behind all it takes is a warm damp cloth to remove. Waxing on the other hand you need solvents to remove. Only Proper technique is used here at L.A. Sugaring, which makes your visit a more pleasant experience, you also will be able to see what a difference between the both. Even with your first visit your hair will amaze you!!!! OR your hairless will amaze you.

Well I hope that the information I have given you will make you think twice before your next waxing appointment.. see you all soon!!!!!

Hair today… Gone tomorrow!

Tangled overgrowth is great for rough backwoodsmen who need to stay warm through the winter, but not so great for that poor drain in your shower. Luckily, the fine folks at LA Sugaring have the skills and the equipment to take on even the thickest follicular forest, and will make sure you stay streamlined and hairless all year round.

Did you know??

There was some studies done on Men’s facial hair and they discovered  that the root starts at one place on the face an the hair comes out at another part of the face, so which mean can’t be sugared.

But we can sugar your nose an your ears.

What can happen after treatment?

For first timers or  those who have sugared and its been awhile ,  after being sugared you might notice some hiving or what may look like a white pimpling, don’t be alarmed that is normal.  Our hair is a natural defence for our skin, so once it has been removed your skin may react. Two thing might happen (not always but it might): hiving or the white little pimples. This will be gone within days however you might want to take a antihistamine, or just cold compress. It’s our nature to want to put some cream or other product that might soothe the area, but that promotes ingrown hairs. So stay away from that if you can. If at any time you need more info in helping you with the above problem please call us we will be more then happy to assist you.. Thank you, Illa

For ingrown problems/ Numbing cream

If you are experiencing on-going ingrown problems, here are a few helpful hints to use at home. 1/2 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 baking soda, make into a paste, apply to area. Pour your favorite beverage. While  you enjoy your drink, allow the mixture to sit on the infected area. Leave on for the time it takes you to drink your drink, (10) min. Do this 3 times a week and you will notice a great difference. Another great way to help you, go buy clean and clear facial scrub. Again use 3 times a week. Remember to use your exfoliating glove as well.

To help make your visit more comfortable, there is cream out there for you called EMLA. You can buy this at any Pharmacy.  Make sure you apply 1.5 hours before your treatment, it’s say’s don’t rub into skin but you have to penetrate the hair, so slightly rub. Also put plastic wrap on the area, so it doesn’t rub off on your undergarments.

Hope this will help, see ya soon… :} Illa