Body Sugaring Services

Advanced Technique Body sugaring is a safer and gentler form of hair removal; this is because the hair is removed in the direction of growth, which allows the full hair to come out of the follicle. The ingredients are 100% natural we call it the organic way of hair removal, and is not harmful to your skin or to the environment- it is easily cleaned with only water- wax needs chemical solvents or heavy oils to remove any left over wax.

By body sugaring, your hair will come back less course and not as dark in colour and in time not grow back at all. Sugar also diminishes in-grown hair by up to 80%.

This is the ancient art of hair removal, the advance technique of body sugaring.

Will match competitors prices. Must bring price list or coupon. Prices subject to change without notice.

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Body Sugaring (Ladies)

Brows $15.00
Lip or chin $15.00
Lip and chin $20.00
Full face (not including brows) $35.00
1/2 Arms $35.00
Full arms $45.00
Under arms $20.00
1/2 Legs $42.00
Full Legs $55.00
Bikini $32.00
Bikini plus $42.00
L.A. (Brazilian) $55.00
Misc. $10.00 and up

Body Sugaring (Men)


Back or chest $50.00
1/2 Arms $35.00
Full arms $42.00
1/2 Legs $50.00
Full legs $65.00
Bikini $40.00
L.A. (Brazilian) $80.00
Brows $15.00
Misc. $10.00 and up